Collection: Manual Tile Cutters

Manual tile cutters are hand held tile cutting machines that can cut ceramic, vitrified & porcelain tiles accurately and precisely without chipping the tile edge. We have a wide range of manual tile cutters from brands such as Rubi and Zaptec available at the best price for various tile sizes such as 1200 mm / 4 feet / 48 in., 2 feet / 600 mm / 24 in., 800 mm / 32 in. and 1600 mm / 5 Feet / 62 in. Replacement scoring wheels / blades for these tile cutters are also easily available on our website. These tile cutting machines are quick and easy to use and do not need any electricity or water. Also, there is no dust or noise during the tile cutting process. Manual tile cutters are a must have tool for any tile mason. We deliver all over India and all our products are packed with adequate protection to ensure they reach you in perfect condition.